ASSMANN Büromöbel Qualität

The ASSMANN principle. Good Work.

ASSMANN BÜROMÖBEL GMBH & CO. KG is one of the five leading office system furniture manufacturers in Germany. Our product range includes functional office furniture and systems, which are oriented to quality and design as well as to market needs. ASSMANN products are designed and manufactured to fulfill the requirement for resilient and long-lasting office furniture and systems – maintaining high quality standards right down to the smallest details and conforming to industry standards. All our manufacturing processes take place at our premises in Melle, Germany, and we have a network of regional and national suppliers. This means that we can always vouch for the quality of our products. Sales are handled by authorised specialist office furniture dealers acting as intermediaries between ASSMANN and our customers. Our competent specialist dealers play a significant role in ensuring that the products and services they deliver fulfill the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Quality Office

ASSMANN Büromöbel Arbeitswelten Quality Office

A sign of trust

The QUALITY OFFICE sign for products takes into account requirements for safety, ergonomics, functionality, flexibility, a long service life and the sustainability of office furniture. This means that QUALITY OFFICE is the only seal of quality that provides comprehensive information about the most important aspects of the performance of contemporary office furniture, which fulfil or even sometimes exceed standards currently in force. The quality criteria for office workplaces have been developed by:

  • DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (German Institute for Standardisation)
  • VBG – Compulsory accident insurance
  • bso Verband Büro-, Sitz- und Objektmöbel e.V. (Office furniture association)
  • BAuA Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (German Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety)
  • DNB Deutsches Netzwerk Büro (German Network Office, formally known as the INQA Office)
  • BBW Bundesverband Bürowirtschaft (Federal Association of Office Management)

and are brought together in the new L-Q 2010 guidelines. These provide guidance for anyone involved in building new offices or making improvements to existing offices. QUALITY OFFICE guarantees safety, as well as facilitating and accelerating the decision making process. 

Tested safety

ASSMANN Büromöbel Arbeitswelten Geprüfte Sicherheit

GPSG standards fulfilled

The basis for awarding the GS seal of approved safety standards in Germany is the GPSG code for equipment and product safety. This requires compulsory testing of prototypes to ensure that the product complies with the law and proof that the mass produced items correspond to the checked sample. The GS seal can only be awarded by a certified independent test and certification authority. Since it was introduced in 1977, the GS seal has developed into an internationally recognised guarantee of product safety. Before marketing begins, all ASSMANN ranges are subjected to prototype testing.

The Blue Angel

ASSMANN Büromöbel Arbeitswelten Der Blaue Engel

Comparatively more environmentally friendly

DER BLAUE ENGEL ecolabel has been awarded since 1978 for products and services that are more environmentally friendly, better suited to their purpose and more health-oriented than comparable goods and services. ASSMANN has been awarded the ecolabel for all its furniture ranges with patterned surfaces. This is proof of the fact that the wood-based materials used do not release any harmful substances into the work environment. The Blue Angel also takes into account the entire life cycle of a product and above all promotes the use of wood from sustainable forestry as well as wood-based materials producing low emissions.


ASSMANN Büromöbel Arbeitswelten DIN ISO EN 9001

KAIZEN as a management system

The DIN ISO EN 9001 standard covers all the minimum requirements for a company's quality management (QM) system. ASSMANN has been certified since 1996 and has successfully passed all of its re-audits, not least thanks to the continuous improvement processes (KAIZEN) which have been firmly in place for many years.

DIN ISO EN 14001

ASSMANN Büromöbel Arbeitswelten DIN ISO EN 14001

The same specifications worldwide

DIN ISO EN 14001 covers the requirements for an environmental management system that are recognised worldwide. As a certified company, ASSMANN is committed to documenting and implementing the development of its environmental policy and objectives in a clear and comprehensible way. Testing always takes place at the end of each calendar year at ASSMANN.

EU Eco-Audit

ASSMANN Büromöbel Arbeitswelten EU-Öko-Audit

A belief in commitment to the environment

The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is recognised worldwide. ASSMANN regularly takes part in EMAS audits, thereby proving its positive potential to take on responsibility in terms of its environmental awareness. ASSMANN exceeds by far the customary specifications and requirements for documentation, which are available for anyone to view in our annual environmental statement.